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Welcome to Satwa Sehat Veterinary Clinic Malang

Emergency Call

Our Vet Ambulance is Ready 24/7

Emergency transportation services and immediate handling for both sick and uncooperative aggressive animals in the Malang area.

profil Dr. drh. Albiruni Haryo, M.Sc, AP.Vet

A Trusted Veterinary Clinic with the Most Adequate Facilities in Malang City

The Veterinary Clinic was founded by Dr. drh. Albiruni Haryo, M.Sc, AP.Vet. We understand that your furry companions cannot speak, so our clinic prioritizes empathy and accurate diagnosis supported by adequate medical facilities. Our commitment goes beyond pet care; we aspire to be a trusted and professional well-being partner. 

Our mission is simple — to be ‘A Veterinarian Always by Your Side.’ We’ve learned that health issues in beloved pets are often caused by ‘pawrent’ unawareness. Through a close bond of communication, we stand ready to address any health concerns for your furry friends.

Honor Your Beloved Furry Friends

with a Peace Resting Place

 Is there a dignified way to give farewell to your beloved pets? Satwa Sehat Veterinary Clinic takes the initiative to offer pet burial services with a ceremony that can be altered according to your values and beliefs.

Our Procedure

 Are you in need of routine check-ups, vaccinations, surgical procedures, or emergency care for your beloved pets? Our team of veterinarians and medical support staff at Satwa Sehat Clinic is highly trained and experienced in both preventive treatments and critical care. Our veterinary doctors also offer house call services.

dokter hewan sedang memeriksa seekor anjing


Our team consists of five experienced veterinarians supported by six medical assistants. We are always ready to provide personalized care seamlessly blended with professionalism for your beloved four-legged friends.

anjing yang sedang disuntik vaksin

Animal Medical Services

The medical services at Satwa Sehat Clinic include grooming, acupuncture, sterilization, vaccination, animal X-rays, ultrasound, reconstructive surgery, inpatient care, blood transfusion, and medical rehabilitation

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Animal Surgery

Our expert veterinary surgeons have extensive experience and are proven in various procedures, including eye cataract surgery, orthopaedic surgery, soft tissue surgery, and cosmetic surgery.

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Vet Hospitalization

Our inpatient facilities comprise specialized infectious and non-infectious wards, with a capacity for up to 60 patients. We will consistently provide updates on the condition of your beloved pets throughout their treatment.

dokter dan tenaga medis sedang meneliti spesimen

Animal Laboratory

Our laboratory offers a comprehensive range of services, including blood tests, hormone assays, urinalysis, histopathology, and DNA testing. We also provide gender determination services for birds (DNA Sexing).

obat-obatan di apotek hewan

Veterinary Pharmacy

We provide a comprehensive range of medications and compounded drugs with safe dosages for animals. You can order medications or consult with our pharmacist through the clinic’s administrative contact number.​​


the service is friendly, very satisfying, the doctor is also friendly, good job!
Rima Agustin SutisnaRima Agustin Sutisna
03:48 28 Dec 23
Okta Adi SaputraOkta Adi Saputra
03:46 28 Dec 23
The service is very friendly, this is recommended
Kharisma ImtiyazKharisma Imtiyaz
23:48 27 Dec 23
Friendly service and doctors
Ema Dwi AprianiEma Dwi Apriani
23:46 27 Dec 23
Very good and maintains quality service for customers

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